Reader's Digest Super Foods Super Easy Cookbook

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There are foods ... and then there are super foods. Full of natural health benefits these ingredients pack a phenomenal nutrition punch. Now here's a brilliant way to get those super foods into your diet easily and inexpensively every day no matter how busy your lifestyle. This attractive cookbook focuses on blueberries spinach tomatoes strawberries seafood beans and peas dairy products lean meats and all the other ingredients that are nature's powerhouses. If you suffer from high cholesterol aching joints diabetes headaches indigestion or one of many other conditions or simply want to do your best to prevent them here's the perfect way to incorporate the most effective super foods into great-tasting recipes.

* Format: 276 x 213 mm 288 pages
* Binding: Paperback
* Imprint: Readers Digest (Australia)
* Pub Date: April 2013
* Subject: Health


* Super-charge mealtimes with a choice of 184 good-for you recipes all of which include one or more super foods.
* Save time and money with hundreds of tips on preparing cooking and serving.
* A handy chart highlights the super foods that offer the most benefits for your health; the recipes feature specific nutritional information.


* Soups starters and snacks
* Vegetables and salads
* Fish and seafood
* Poultry and game
* Meat
* Pasta pulses and grains
* Desserts

Book Author N/A
Book Country AU
Book Format Paperback
Book ISBN 9781921744747
Book Language English
Book Pages 288
Book Published 01/04/2013