4 Ingredients Wellness Trilogy Cookbook

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From much loved author of Australias most popular cookbooks Kim McCosker introduces you to her 4 Ingredients Wellness Series.

4 Ingredients Gluten Free Lactose Free:

4 Ingredients Gluten Free Lactose Free is a must have for those with gluten and lactose intolerances and ideal for the cooks who need inspiration with smart yet limited ingredients. Kim has created over 60 recipes from mains to desserts vegetarian to chocolate lunch to dinner. Each are full of flavour and contain the magic of just 4 ingredients to ease the stress of preparing and making delicious recipes that have been endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

4 Ingredients Diabetes:

With one in four Australians affected by diabetes this easy cookbook has rocketed to the top of bestseller lists. 4 Ingredients Diabetes features over 60 recipes ALL with nutritional information including; energy total fat saturated fat sodium carbohydrates and fibre per serve. It will offer inspiration and prove that there is an easier way to cook which is both fresh and delicious. 4 Ingredients Diabetes is an amazing compilation that will motivate all people needing or wishing to follow a low GI healthy eating plan endorsed by Diabetes Australia - Vic.

4 Ingredients Allergies:

This book is a beautiful collection of recipes developed under the guiding eye of Allergies & Anaphylaxis Australia. 4 Ingredients Allergies is a collection of recipes free of Australia and New Zealands 9 common allergens and was written to satisfy an ever-increasing market demand for allergy-free recipes. For the purpose of this cookbook allergy-free refers to a recipe or ingredient free of these 9 major allergens: Cows milk eggs peanuts tree nuts sesame fish soy shellfish and wheat.